Somaliland Cheetah Cubs Rescue: Tragedy and Hope

Despite the best efforts of our Somaliland caregivers, two more cubs have succumbed to what we suspect is a virus or contagious disease. Unfortunately, there are no veterinarians or testing facilities in Somaliland versed in cheetah diseases to help us identify the source.

The remaining cub, the biggest and strongest at about 7 kg, shows no signs of illness. However, he is not out of the woods yet as he could quickly take a turn for the worse and suffer the same fate. We continue to closely monitor his progress. At the same time, we will continue to seek approval for a transfer to a sanctuary where qualified veterinarians and laboratories are available.

Please help CCF continue to fight Illegal Wildlife trafficking of cheetah cubs by donating. @ccfcheetah

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  1. Marianne Eilsoee says:

    Hi, I wanted to make a donation for the remaining cheetah cub, but was not possible to pay with card as it kept saying, no matter what I did, that the amount was not correct.

    • cheetahcfuk says:

      Hello Marianne, thanks for your message. Yes, you can donate by bank transfer or cheque – the details are here: Thanks again!

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