Help us #EndCheetahTrafficking

CCF is working hard to end cheetah trafficking. We educate local communities to reduce supply and work in partnership to bring down demand.

We also provide urgent, lifesaving and lifelong care to rescued cheetahs.

As of April 2021, there were 55 cubs and adolescent cheetahs in our care at our safe houses in Somaliland, and one leopard cub.

As our work to tackle the illegal wildlife trade intensifies this number will grow.

With your help, we can create the best possible future for the cheetahs we save.

Every donation makes a


It costs an estimated £5,000 a year to care for a single cheetah. This includes sustained, specialist veterinary care as well as all food, nourishment, vaccinations and necessary medical or surgical interventions.

By sponsoring our rescued cheetahs, your gift will help them survive one more month.