Niko came to CCF in July 2017 with his brother, Koya, they were about six months old. The two cubs had been at a small holding north of Otjiwarongo for over two months after being captured and sold by the local butcher to the people CCF received them from. The two cubs had been kept in a small chicken coop, fed a poor diet of offal and fatty meat with no calcium or vitamin supplementation and were suffering from early stage metabolic bone disease. Niko had had no exercise, so was very overweight.

When the brothers first arrived, they were very nervous and cautious of people. Niko is the quieter of the two brothers, is much fluffier and is a very quick learner. He has learned how to run on our lure course to make sure he stays fit and healthy. He spends most of his day with his brother Koya exploring their enclosure together and meeting other cheetahs. Because the brothers will be resident cheetahs, they are going through some training with their keepers to make their life here as stress-free as possible e.g. crush cage training, injection/blood draw training, feeding at the centre with the other cheetahs and most importantly, making friends with the other cheetahs.

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