Twenty-nine cheetahs rescued from the illegal wildlife trade

The illegal trade in cheetah cubs is at an all-time high, with CCF currently housing 29 rescued cheetah cubs in Somaliland, an area known as the main transit route for cheetahs trafficked out of East Africa. News 24 have reported on the issue, highlighting how the desire for exotic pets in the Middle East is driving trade in endangered species. The trafficked cheetahs are believed to have originated in Ethiopia, northern Kenya, Somalia and Somaliland, and are smuggled mostly out of the Somaliland coast.

CCF rescues cheetahs that have been confiscated from smugglers, ensuring that they get the medical attention that most of them need due to the stress caused by their capture. While we would prefer to see cheetahs living wild and free, where they belong, many of the cheetahs will have to live a life in captivity as they will never be able to cope with live in the wild.

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