Update from our dedicated Young Ambassador, Sara

Last week our hardworking Young Ambassador Sara, who lives in Denmark, donated her spare time to raise another $200 for CCF! This is how she did it…

‘Last week I sent CCF $200 to sponsor the orphan cheetah ‘Ron’. I raised the money by selling christmas cards, homemade pictures and pearl bracelets at a christmas market in Ree Park Safari here in Denmark, where I live. Ree Park Safari its the only zoo in Denmark who has cheetahs, and like a second home for me! Because I spend so much time here helping with the animals, they gave me a spot at the market for free so that I could help raise money for cheetah. 

I shared my marketspot with the guides and zookeepers from the zoo and we had lots of fun  doing animal quizzes and making up animal jokes! I even tried to ride a Camel, and when it was time to close the zoo, I was allowed to say ‘good night!’ to the tigers.’

Thank you Sara for all that you do to make sure the cheetah not only survives, but thrives! 

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