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Work For Good is a platform that was set up to help charities raise funds from small businesses and offer businesses a fundraising platform which helps them to raise funds for the charities they care about. We’re very lucky to have a few small businesses who donate a proportion of their profits each month to help support cheetah conservation, including Button & Squirt – check out their website to see their range of animal-inspired games, colouring books, 3D models, soft toys and more. Ria from Button & Squirt donates 5% of all profits to CCF and has raised hundreds of pounds for us.

Can you tell us a little bit about Button and Squirt?

Here at Button and Squirt I have created a range of fun and educational card sets and activity books that feature my illustrations that are designed to teach kids about the amazing animals we share the planet with. With the hope that as they learn they will fall in love with them and want to protect them for the future. Everything I create is inspired by mine and my sons love of nature, the boys love to help me pick out new animals to work on, and love seeing my illustrations come to life and as a home educating mum I know that its best to learn through play so I aim to make everything fun and play based.

What are your motivations for supporting good causes?

Ever since I started drawing the very first set of cards I knew that I wanted my work to also help the wildlife charities that work so hard protecting the amazing animals that I am trying to teach kids about. I believe that supporting those causes is so important.

Why did you choose to support CCF UK specifically?

A little while ago now I was contacted by someone who explained to me that they worked for CCF out in Namibia and they worked training the dogs used in the program to protect the cheetahs, we got chatting as I wanted to know more and they asked me to draw the dog for them, which I happily did. That person was Calum O’Flaherty, we have kept in touch and I have followed CCFs work through him, I also did an illustration piece for international women’s day including Laurie Marker the founder of CCF. Also when I launched a series of blogs to introduce kids about some of the jobs they could go into in the world of wildlife, Calum and Monika Ndafuda Nanghama (A lab assistant for CCF) were kind enough to agree to take part. So when I was looking through for a charity to support through work for good, as soon as I saw CCF it felt like the perfect place for me to kick off my donations with. It was like it was meant to be.

What about our work inspired you to give?

As I have spent some time learning about the work that CCF does, I have been so impressed with what they achieve, working with the local community to protect the animals and spread awareness. I have been so happy to be able to donate and help with that work even in a small way.

Why did you choose to use the Work for Good platform?

Although I had known for a long time that I wanted to donate to charity through my work I didn’t know how to do it properly and legally. As a small business it is literally just me behind the scenes, everything from product design to packaging to accounts is down to me, so I needed something that would be quick and easy to set up and use. When I discovered work for good it was perfect, they do all the legal work and provide a platform where I can easily set up and make donations. Not only have they made the process incredibly simple they are also extremely supportive.

Why you think it is important that businesses give back?

The world needs everyone to do their bit to help wherever they can. As small businesses we are in a great position to make a difference through our work. Making a difference within our communities and encouraging people to help and support each other.

Supporting charities helps to show your customers that you truly do believe in the things you say you do and shows that you really do want to make a real difference. It might feel like you can only donate a small amount, but if we are all giving a little it will add up to make a huge difference.

A huge thank you to Ria for choosing us as her charity!

If you own a small business and would like to make a small contribution to help support cheetah conservation, please head on over to Work For Good and get signed up!

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