Young Ambassador, Jeremy Update

I love to sell and find it really exciting to earn money. But I don’t need any toys or any more stuff. I know that the cheetah needs saving more than I need any toy. So I sell greetings cards to raise money for the cheetah and I sit down to make the cards every night. In March there’s a big annual festival in my town (Cheltenham) and I sold there last year. I made lots of cards so that I was ready to sell for this year’s race festival!

I went to sell out on the street and made £18 the first day. The second night I made £40 in about 45 minutes. While we were on the street in Cheltenham, someone from the council approached me and my parents and told us that even though I’m only 8 years old, we really needed a permit to sell.

So the next morning my mum, sister, and I gathered up all of our CCF donation receipts and info and we went to the office. The man we met with told us that we should apply online and that they wouldn’t be able to give any permits for race week. Those permits were already all gone. He said that we could sell on our own property, but our road isn’t in the main festival area.

We were gutted! But then my mum had an idea…

We prayed and then went to the main street leading to the racecourse and knocked on a few doors. A woman named Marj answered at the third residence. When I said, ‘During the races, can I please se…’ ‘YES!’, she said, before I had even finished my sentence! It turned out that Marj has a soft spot for animals and was more than happy for us to use her property to sell. She said that we could use her loo and get water when we got thirsty!

So on Thursday night we went back with a box of chocolates for her to say thank you. She had set out a table for us and we set up our stall and got selling! We sold out of the bottled water and cards that we had brought to sell, and raised £120! Good thing we had more stock at home!

We went back on Friday morning and made an amazing £287. Later that evening there was a mad rush of customers, and Marj gave us a helping hand, keeping us warm and fed with jackets and bags of chocolate. She even got stuck in helping us to sell. We made an amazing £249 that night thanks to Marj. The total raised for cheetahs during Race Week was £724.49!

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