Young Ambassador: Katie

CCF UK Young Ambassador Katie

Crafty Cheetahs, July 2020

This craft challenge for our younger supporters received 60+ entries from children of all ages, including drawings, paintings, poetry and a fantastic mask made by Katie.

Firstly I got a balloon and we made a mixture, it was wallpaper paste and we used it to stick newspaper over the balloon.  When the paste had dried, you can see in the next picture we painted it yellow.  I drew dots on it and made eyes and then cut them out.  At the bottom of the mask we used Tipex for a little bit of white so that it looked like the cheetahs I am holding.  It was really good fun but the paste was a bit annoying as it was really sticky and it did not smell very good!  I thought it wasn’t going to be very good but actually it turned out better than I thought.

Lockdown baking

Katie and her friend Olivia Parker spent their covid lockdown and selling cookies and cakes to their friends and neighbours to raise money for CCF UK, making almost £250! Katie said, “my friend Olivia Parker helped by making lots of cookies on her own and sold them to her neighbours. She ran out so she had to make more! We made flapjacks, chocolate chip cookies and cakes with icing and chocolate wispas on. The cookies ran out after a few deliveries because everyone was ordering so many. Some of mum’s friends donated who don’t live close by and that was really kind of them.” Katie even made the local news with her incredible fundraising effort!

Katie is passionate about cheetahs and has spent her spare time fundraising to raise money to support CCF UK in the fight to save the cheetah. Katie was made a young ambassador after getting her friends and family involved in a bake sale which she organised after school. She then presented CCF UK with the cheque at Bradt’s Big Cat Festival. Amazing work Katie, and thank you!

Here’s Katie’s story…

Where it all began, 20th May 2019

First I did a cake sale after school. My dad made some brownies, my sister made some cookies, I made some chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip cup-cakes. My mum made cookies, my Nanna made lemon drizzle cake and fairy cupcakes. My best friends Olivia and Chloe helped too. Olivia made lemon sponge chocolate chip cupcakes and Chloe bought some cookies.

We raised £200! A few weeks later I went to the Big Cat Festival and met the cheetah people, handed them the cheque and bought a lot from the stall. I hope it can save cheetahs!

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