Young Ambassador Sara Shares Update on Cheetah Painting she Commissioned

Cheetah Champion Sara

A few months ago, I got in contact with a painter named Helle Borg Hansen, who offered to paint me a painting of the cheetah that was named after me at See Park Safari Zoo. The plan was to offer the painting as a prize for a raffle and raise a lot of money for cheetah conservation. Then I got the idea to ask some companies if they would help me raise money to save the cheetah, too. Luckily, some said yes and sent me a lot of gifts which I also included in the raffle prize. People would buy tickets for the raffle and enter in to the prize draw. The money from the tickets would go to saving the cheetah.

I started posting on facebook and my website that there was a new competition going on, and that those who entered could win the painting, several different gift cards from Danish online stores and annual passes for Ree Park Safari. Tickets cost 50kr, or £6 each.

Within the first week ten lots were sold and eventually one hundred lots were sold!



I made a video of myself randomly picking the winners, and I used a website which randomly generates the winning numbers to help me. The winners were really happy with their prizes and I raised a total of 5000 kr (£600) through the competition! In fact, I was able to send 6000kr (£720) to CCF to help save the cheetahs, because there were some who supported my fundraising outside of the competition.

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