Young Ambassador Sara’s Birthday Fundraiser

Sara Geppard

Our Young Ambassador Sara Gepard 🐆🐆🐾🐾 has dedicated her birthday to raising money for the cheetah. Read on to find out how she works hard to fundraise and to raise awareness of the plight of the cheetah in her home country, Denmark, plus find out what she gets up to in her time off! You can donate to Sara’s latest fundraiser here:

I’m turning 13 years old and for 4 years I been running a website about cheetahs.

During these 4 years I have tried lots of fun and exiting things to raise money and awareness for the cheetah. I have had many wonderful cheetah experiences, too! I have held a 5 day old cheetah cub, AND a cheetah cub has been named after me. I have visited zoos in many different countries and talked to many zookeepers about life in zoos: how they work, take care of the animals and teach guest about the animals.

I have visited Ree Park Safari, Denmark, many times. I even tried my hand at becoming a zookeeper for a day. It was fun and exiting to be ‘backstage’ in a zoo, and made me want to work with animals even more! For the last two years I have had a stand at a Christmas market at the zoo. I love meeting people and talking to them about cheetahs.

Once I had the opportunity personally to hand over the check from one of my fundraising projects. It was in Berlin, where I met with Betterplace/AGA Artenschutz. It was great fun and I enjoyed meeting other people working to save animals, and getting to see how they work.

In the future I dream about..

Sara Geppard…visiting many more zoos all over the world, and I hope some day to be able to visit Africa, and see animals in the wilderness.

I also hope that in the future the cheetah named after me will have cubs, and that I will get the chance to see them.
When I finish school I hope to become a zookeeper, working with predators, particularly big cats.

I so hope that people will take better care of nature and wild animals in the future. I would also like it if cheetahs were more well known here in Denmark, as leopard, lions and tigers are.

Here is something you didn’t know about me…

You might have guessed that I have pets at home, but did you know that I love ALL animals? I have a dog, a rabbit, a fish and a SNAKE. Yes, I love ALL animals!

In school I like maths and science – I know 40 decimals of Pi! I can fix a Rubics Cube, and I am creative: I paint, make pottery, do wood carvings and sew. I’m also quite sporty and I practice karate 3 times a week.

I love to write and talk a lot about cheetahs to raise awareness about this endangered species, but I find time to do many other things, too!

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