Our Young Ambassadors

Our Young Ambassador role is aimed at children who want to make a positive contribution towards conserving the cheetah in the wild. Our Young  Ambassadors fundraise in many ways including events, raffles, creating greetings cards and auctioning their cheetah-inspired art work. They also raise much-needed awareness by blogging and writing special pieces for our supporter updates to inspire others.

If you know a young person that may like to become a Young Ambassador please contact jane@cheetah.org.uk

  • Archie Cheetah Young Ambassador

    Young Ambassador: Archie

    Hello! My name is Archie and I’m six years old. When I was younger I went to West Midlands Safari Park and this was where my love of cheetahs started, I remember watching one having a drink and was fascinated. This is also where my much loved cheetah teddy came from. The other thing I […]

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  • Young Ambassador: Thalia

    Hi, my name is Thalia Sadek and I was born on October 5, 2010. I have loved cheetahs since I was 4 because they are cute, fast, beautiful, and wild. I really want to help the cheetahs survive on this planet. This photo shows Thalia with her beloved cheetah stuffed toy, supplied by her Mum.

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  • Lily Cheetah Ambassador

    Young Ambassador: Lily

    Lily’s obsession with cats began when we adopted our rescue cat two years ago. Since then her love for Cheetahs has developed and for her birthday this year, she decided that she would like to sponsor a cheetah. She’s spent many hours watching and learning about them and decided she’d like to do more than […]

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  • CCF UK Young Ambassador Katie

    Young Ambassador: Katie

    Crafty Cheetahs, July 2020 This craft challenge for our younger supporters received 60+ entries from children of all ages, including drawings, paintings, poetry and a fantastic mask made by Katie. Firstly I got a balloon and we made a mixture, it was wallpaper paste and we used it to stick newspaper over the balloon.  When […]

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  • Chloe Harris Cheetah Champion

    Welcome to Chloe – Our Newest Young Ambassador

    Chloe is 7 years old and loves being active-she enjoys football and riding her bike. Since she was 3 years old she has been fascinated with cheetahs and has recently become passionate about cheetah conservation, in particular relating to illegal trading of cubs and human conflict. The rapid reduction in cheetah numbers worldwide has inspired […]

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  • Jeremy, 10, has raised over £16,000 for cheetahs with his homemade greetings cards

    One of our young ambassadors, Jeremy Lynch, has been featured in a short film about ‘Inspirational People’ due to his incredible work designing, making and selling homemade greetings cards which have raised over £16,000 for CCF UK. At just four years old, Jeremy began showing signs of being a budding entrepreneur, before honing his card […]

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  • Young Ambassador Jeremy

    Young Ambassador Jeremy Fundraising Update

    Our fantastic Young Ambassador Jeremy has had a very busy few months in Cheltenham. Jeremy runs his own Cards 4 Cheetahs initiative, where he hand makes cards to sell and raise money for CCF UK. he’s been hard at work raising money to save the cheetah. For my Cards 4 Cheetahs initiative I have placed […]

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  • Sara Geppard

    Young Ambassador Sara’s Birthday Fundraiser

    Our Young Ambassador Sara Gepard 🐆🐆🐾🐾 has dedicated her birthday to raising money for the cheetah. Read on to find out how she works hard to fundraise and to raise awareness of the plight of the cheetah in her home country, Denmark, plus find out what she gets up to in her time off! You […]

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  • Cheetah Champion Jeremy

    Young Ambassador Jeremy Raises £1,500 for Cheetahs this Christmas Season

    Young Ambassador Jeremy has been hard at work over the holiday season hand making cards to sell in order to raise money for the Cheetah Conservation Fund UK. Jeremy noticed an opportunity to sell lots of cards to coincide with the Cheltenham Races in November. He sold cards throughout the event and managed to raise […]

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  • Cheetah Champion Sara

    Young Ambassador Sara Raises Money for CCF UK this Christmas

    CCF UK Young Ambassador Sara has once again been hard at work raising money for CCF UK. Every year, Sara has a stand at the Ree Park Safari Zoo in Denmark, and this year was no exception! Sara sold lots of homemade items and raised a fantastic 250 Euros! Sara is also selling Christmas cards […]

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  • Young Ambassador, Jeremy Update

    I love to sell and find it really exciting to earn money. But I don’t need any toys or any more stuff. I know that the cheetah needs saving more than I need any toy. So I sell greetings cards to raise money for the cheetah and I sit down to make the cards every […]

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  • Cheetah Champion Sara

    Cheetah Champion Sara: A painting auction for the cheetahs

    My parents and I were recently looking at paintings, and it gave me an idea. I thought I might get an artist to create a cheetah painting to put up for auction – and all the money would of course go towards saving the cheetah.   An artist whom my parents knew did not think […]

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