Young Ambassadors: Felecia and Oliver

Introducing Felecia Roles and Oliver Lemm, both aged 8

Felecia and Oliver are our newest Young Ambassadors. Felecia is originally from New Zealand, and Oliver is originally from Holland – both now live in Mozambique and are passionate about cheetahs. So passionate, that they held a school fundraiser to raise money for CCF. Below, Felecia tells us how they got on…

For research for school we inquired into Laurie Marker and then we did a presentation about her. We really liked the way that she liked cheetahs because we love animals as well. We decided we wanted to raise money for Laurie Marker so that she could give it to the cheetahs to help them. We wanted to Laurie Marker because she could help cheetahs more with more money.

It is sad that the cheetahs will be extinct in 20 years if we don’t look after them. We decided to have a bake sale at school so that we could raise money to donate to them. Oliver and I baked food to sell at school. I made 6 banana cakes and Oliver made a huge pile of Dutch pancakes. We raised 6000 Mozambican Meticais which is a lot of money!

We want to see people thinking about how they treat the world. We treat it very badly because we pollute it and we do deforestation. If we carry on we are going to destroy the world which is our lovely home. We want people to help the cheetahs and all animals to survive. Stop treating the world badly and look after it!


  1. Carmen Elias says:

    It is so inspiring to see our future generation taking action to save our planet. Taking action is an integral part of our IB curriculum here at AISM. We are so very proud of you both.
    Ms. C, Ms. Bev, and Ms. Erika

  2. Lisa and Selyan says:

    Felicia and Oliver,
    We are very proud of both of you for raising money to save the cheetahs. What a great example you are setting for future kids who are passionate and interested in making a difference in the world. Continue to influence others and strive for what you believe in. All the best!

    Lisa (Selyan’s mom)

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