Young Ambassadors from Cambridgeshire

Nicole Barber, Deborah Marsh, Michelle Chamberlain, Leeann Boulton and Helen Milnes (the proud Mum’s) sent us a story about their Young Cheetah Ambassadors from Rackham Primary School in Witchford Cambridgeshire, Gabriella, Leila, Grace, Isla and Georgina.

At the end of their last year before leaving Primary School and moving onto Secondary School this coming September, the 5 girls raised and amazing £70 for CCF UK to help save the wild cheetah at a school event.

They came up with their own games including, ‘Guess how many sweets in a jar’ ‘Find the cheetah’, and ‘Name the bunny’!

The campaign was ingeniously called ‘Save the Spots’ and they produced posters, flyers and signs to encourage people to visit their stall.

The girls were asked why they chose to raise funds for the iconic cheetah and here are their responses……

Gabriella “Our friend was reading a newspaper article and told us how few cheetahs were left on the world and we all decided we had to help. We all came up with fundraising ideas and together raised £70 for cheetahs!”

Leila  “I can’t believe how much cheetahs are disappearing now. I hate animals being hurt and wanted to help them.”

Grace “Cheetahs are amazing animals and are in need of our help, otherwise they would be lost forever.”

Isla  “I love cheetahs and it is sad that they are endangered. I hope they will stop being hunted.”

Georgina “I wanted to help make a difference. Cheetahs are an endangered species that need protecting.”

Wise words and such insight from our Young Ambassadors. THANK YOU ALL INVOLVED!

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