Our Young Ambassadors

Our Young Ambassador role is aimed at children who want to make a positive contribution towards conserving the cheetah in the wild. Our Young  Ambassadors fundraise in many ways including events, raffles, creating greetings cards and auctioning their cheetah-inspired art work. They also raise much-needed awareness by blogging and writing special pieces for our supporter updates to inspire others.

If you know a young person that may like to become a Young Ambassador please contact jane@cheetah.org.uk

  • Young Ambassadors: Felecia and Oliver

    Introducing Felecia Roles and Oliver Lemm, both aged 8 Felecia and Oliver are our newest Young Ambassadors. Felecia is originally from New Zealand, and Oliver is originally from Holland – both now live in Mozambique and are passionate about cheetahs. So passionate, that they held a school fundraiser to raise money for CCF. Below, Felecia […]

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  • Cheetah Champion Sara: My Birthday

    My birthday is coming up very soon!!! I will turn 12 years old on the 23rd March. Last year I did a birthday fundraiser to raise money for cheetahs and got 100€. This year I will do something similar, and I hope to raise even more! I have set up a competition where every person who […]

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  • Young Ambassador: Jeremy

    Hello! My name is Jeremy. I’m 8 years old and I live in Cheltenham. I’ve  raised more than £2,000 for cheetahs. I make  greeting cards that I  sell any chance  I get. My dad has brought them to his work, I sold them at a bazaar, on the pavement and door-to-door around my town. My […]

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  • Constance Cheetah Champion

    Young Ambassador: Constance

    Constance during her bake sale We’d like to say a huge thank you to another brilliant Young Ambassador, Constance, who recently made a donation to CCF UK. Constance read an article in The Week Junior about the plight of the cheetah and how they may become extinct if we don’t act now. The cheetah being Constance’s favourite […]

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  • Update from our dedicated Young Ambassador, Sara

    Last week our hardworking Young Ambassador Sara, who lives in Denmark, donated her spare time to raise another $200 for CCF! This is how she did it… ‘Last week I sent CCF $200 to sponsor the orphan cheetah ‘Ron’. I raised the money by selling christmas cards, homemade pictures and pearl bracelets at a christmas market in […]

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  • Sara’s Blog – My Visit in Rostock Zoo

    I have just been to Rostock Zoo and visited their cheetahs !!!!!! When I arrived I had to hurry up to get to down to the cheetahs because I had a meeting with zookeeper Andrea. I had some questions for Andrea, which I asked in German!! It was a bit difficult, but she understood J We talked […]

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  • Sara’s Blog – Summer Camp in Ree Park Safari Denmark

    Looking after the animals and of course the CHEETAHS! This summer I spent my time at a camp in Ree Park Safari (in Denmark) for 5 days. We were divided into 2 groups – I was in ‘the big group’: we were between 10-13 years old. Every morning at 8am we met in front of […]

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  • Young Ambassadors from Cambridgeshire

    Nicole Barber, Deborah Marsh, Michelle Chamberlain, Leeann Boulton and Helen Milnes (the proud Mum’s) sent us a story about their Young Cheetah Ambassadors from Rackham Primary School in Witchford Cambridgeshire, Gabriella, Leila, Grace, Isla and Georgina. At the end of their last year before leaving Primary School and moving onto Secondary School this coming September, […]

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  • Sara’s Blog – Why do people not know about the cheetah!?

    Yesterday I went to buy a new cover for my cellphone, of course it had to be a cheetah-cover!!!!! But I could only find leopard covers – lots of leopard photos and prints, but not one with cheetahs!!! Why is it like this?? I see lots of clothes, shoes and accessories with leopard prints, but […]

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  • My Cheetah, by Sara

    In 2015, Ree Park Safari (Denmark) announced a litter of three cute cheetah cubs, and I was invited to join them (on day 5) to make a visit with the vet to see if the cubs were OK. I got to weigh all three cubs and they were all fine and I could feel they […]

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  • Meet 10 Year Old Cheetah Champion Sara

    Since kindergarten Sara wondered about the Cheetahs, why are they not known any better, when they are record-breaking animals? And endangered too! There had to be more information out there. Disappointed about the level of information in kindergarten level literature, she started zipping through the books for grown-ups, asking her parents a lot of questions […]

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